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Access to 7.000 aircraft. Book and fly to 25.000+ airports worldwide.

Our personal, dynamic and bold program ensures you get the most out of your time, money and flight experience.

  • Best Value

    Up to 2% in credits on every flight. Get paid for unused seats on your aircraft.

  • Unrivaled Flexibility

    Control all aspects of your journey through a simple and streamlined process.

  • Personalised Care

    Enjoy dedicated support from our Flight Managers. Easily upgrade services with our add-ons.

  • Full Transparency

    Flights suitable for your needs, without hidden fees. You know what you are paying for.

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Be rewarded for the way you fly

With our membership, you receive credits so you can fly more, plus enhanced flexibility, choice and special pricing.

Sell unused seats via our exclusive shared flight platform and reduce your charter cost by up to 60%.

Save time instead of wasting it

Stop depending on airline schedules and itineraries.

When you fly Hyer, you save at least 2 hours compared to a commercial flight. Arrive at the airport 20 minutes before your flight.

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Meet your Flight Manager

Our award-winning Flight Manager enables a seamless and transparent process.

You have a dedicated expert taking care of all details, so you can focus on your destination and not on how to get there.

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Hyer® Experience

Personalisation, flexibility and care are the core of Hyer® On-Demand flights. Our clients enjoy much more value for their investment.

We don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all". Our operational freedom enables us to work with multiple leading operators to offer you the best options in the market with unparalleled service levels. 

Rewarding Membership

Our membership blends the advantage of a jet card with the easiness and care of a loyalty program. Get access to services not available anywhere without hefty fees.

CO2 Neutral Flights

Fly private without remorse. We play our part to ensure a more sustainable future. Via Hyer® CO2 offset program you can offset the entire emission of your flight.

Aircraft Optimization

Hyer®  finds the closest aircraft to you. We enable faster flight activation and lower cost. Our operational freedom let us choose always the most suitable aircraft available.

Personal Flight Manager

Our experts can support any trip and request, 24/07. From short business trips to large groups crossing the globe for leisure. Enjoy a stress-free booking process with full flexibility and care.

Quick Estimates

Discover prices within seconds and not hours. Get instant access to the most common prices online. You can easily request a quote for your flight with one click.

Worldwide Coverage

Hyer® has a global network with more than 7.500 aircraft. We are your point of contact when flying private. Wherever you are, we have you covered.  

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    Private Charter

    You control all aspects of your flight

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    Group Charter

    Specially designed for large events (MICE)

Our clients appreciate the value of time and having flexibility when making choices.


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As part of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Hyer® only offers aircraft from operators that follow strict hygiene guidelines. Those operators have put measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes thoroughly disinfection of the aircraft cabin before and after the flight.

Apart from that, the flight crew have to wear mouth masks at all times during the flight and they will keep a safe distance from the passengers. In preparation for your journey, your Flight Manager will check the current travel restrictions at your destination and advise you if any travel regulations are in place. Flying private with Hyer® is one of the safest ways to travel during these times.

With Hyer® you can easily book luxurious ground transportation before and after your flight. You enjoy a wide range of vehicles to complement your travel experience. Larger buses, vans and coaches are available to transport passengers flying with groups.

The drivers will always be waiting for you in the dedicated VIP terminal. You will encounter a comfortable vehicle with leather seats and generous legroom. You won’t need to tell your driver where to go and which time you will arrive - they will already know.

Count on the support of experienced drivers to help to carry your luggage to the car and to the doorstep of your arrival point. Hyer® has partnered up with leading local transportation companies to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.  Our partners are accredited and local regulated companies with a proven track record. Rest assured your driver knows the way!

When flying private, you enjoy considerable flexibility for flying with luggage. As standard, you receive a very generous luggage allowance when booking a private jet. At Hyer®, your Flight Manager will ask you about the amount and type of luggage that you would like to bring on board. With this information, the Flight Manager Team check if there is any limitation or restriction applicable and they will assign the most suitable aircraft to you.

In terms of luggage content, there is no limitation on how much liquids you can carry with you. If there is any special or fragile cargo that needs to be transported, your Flight Manager will ensure that extra measures are taken to deal with your precious belongings. For our shared flights, different rules apply.

Do you want to fly with your pet? No problem! Hyer® offers the possibility to bring your pet on board. A suitable aircraft, pet friendly, will be assigned for your flight.

You avoid the stress and the worries of your pet being placed on an aircraft cargo hold, surrounded by heavy luggage and cargo. As a standard, when flying private, your pet will need to be transported in animal carriages boxes. However, they will be flying next to you in the aircraft's main cabin. Oh, and besides, we might even have a small treat for them.

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